Saturday, October 29, 2016

Scene-setting and Off-Season

The teams in the two divisions are:
Atlantic Division
Atlanta Braves
Baltimore Orioles
Boston Red Stockings
Florida Marlins
New York Highlanders
Washington Senators

Quebec Division
Montreal Ours
Cincinnati Reds
Cleveland Indians
Detroit Tigers
Milwaukee Brewers
Toronto Blue Jays

There was one blockbuster offseason trade, as follows:

MILWAUKEE traded Mark Bellhorn (if), Mike Koplove (p), Kirk Rueter (p) and Michael Young (ss) to TORONTO for Elmer Dessens (p), Jeff Francis (p), Freddy Garcia (p), Marco Scutaro (if) and Juan Uribe (3b).

(Trades are modelled on a previous baseball season. I align the teams according to won-lost records with those of a given year, say the 1976 National League, and then try to make deals between the 1976 teams work in the context of my 2005 drafted ones. So if a team trades its starting shortstop and gets back the other teams third starter, that's what I try to match. However, I also keep to real-life contracts, and free agency has a tendency to void some of the '1976 deals'.)

The biggest news coming out of spring training was that the Washington Senators saw their entire starting outfield -- Barry Bonds, Rocco Baldelli and Lance Berkman -- go down with injuries. They started the season with Michael Restovich, Alex Sanchez and Reed Johnson instead.

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